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Fairlight Consulting is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and caters to Small and Developing Business Owners. FC reaches out to find efficiencies, add polish, share business experience, and grow your company’s profits. FC’s Marketing is Results Driven. What are your business needs? They may or may not be obvious

Information Technology Consulting

.Fairlight Consulting offers dependable maintenance plans that include weekly scheduled service for your network, significantly reducing the cost of network downtime. Technicians will monitor your network, servers, workstations, routers, hubs and switches, and other network electronics on a regular basis. All reasonable measures are taken to prevent such disruptions from virus attacks, network intrusions, and other network security exposures.

1. Assessment: Review and audit current systems: Servers, Network configuration and security.
2. Stabilization: Secure and configure systems to create best practice environment and lowest total cost of ownership.
3. Maintenance: Provide helpdesk and onsite maintenance to keep your systems up to date.

» Overview: IT services to provide for corporate clients:
? Network Assessment, stabilization, support, maintenance, help desk
? Server/Workstation support, configuration, upgrades, virus/spyware protection,
? Remote management via VPN (proactively monitoring to prevent future downtime)
? Network documentation and design mapping
? Project planning and implementation for new systems or the expansion of existing infrastructure
? Hardware and Software Procurement

» Network Assessment/ troubleshooting:
Technician will conduct a thorough investigation of hardware and software to find problems in security, networking (client/server, peer to peer, WAN, LAN, Firewalls, Wireless) Server and Desktop level, implementing efficient technology to minimize company downtime.

» Consulting and Stabilization:
The consultant will perform an in-depth analysis of your existing IT infrastructure, identifying strengths and weaknesses. We will work with your existing equipment and only recommend solutions without a forceful sales tactic depending on your needs to improve business efficiency.

» Types of Support:


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