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• Creative Marketing Services
• Business Development Strategy
• Information Technology Consulting
• Creativity Consulting
• Situational Management Coaching
• Sales Coaching

Creative Marketing Services –  including custom website design, e-media, corporate identity and print media design, all reinforced with highly effective marketing strategies. Fairlight Consulting has proven that we understand the demands of business communication. We excel in this communication with creativity, vision and the confidence and skills to help you build your company’s image, positioning you for growth, for success. FC understands what it takes to capture the essence of your personality, value propositions and marketing position. We work with talented graphic designers and can help you craft the images and words that convey the benefits of doing business with you. Corporate and product logos, taglines, slogans and the behind-the-scenes market research are just a few of the services we provide as we help you to establish your corporate identity.

Business Development Strategy –  FC is a resource for growing companies that need competent support but don’t have the time, personnel, or inclination to search out and manage multiple resources across different business disciplines – including ongoing and interim management. FC is also strategically alligned with Event Managing, Insurance and Financial Institutions help to build, market and support your company in the short and long term. The reason Fairlight Consulting focuses on owner-operated and small businesses is that our passion is helping others. Many entrepreneurs believe that strategic thinking and marketing planning are reserved for large, well-established companies. When you dedicate time to refining your strategic marketing plan, identifying your blind spots, and eliminating unprofitable offerings, you will be ready to take your company to the next level. Call Fairlight Consulting to start the process!

Information Technology Consulting –  network consulting, implementation and support for small to mid-sized businesses, including – Network Assessment, stabilization, support, maintenance, help desk; Server/Workstation support, configuration, upgrades, virus/spyware protection; Remote Management via VPN (proactively monitoring to prevent future downtime); Network documentation and design mapping; Project planning and implementation for new systems or the expansion of existing infrastructure; and Hardware and Software Procurement.

Creativity and Productivity Consulting –  Are you at a roadblock, in your business or your art? Muses help inspire people to do their best. FC can help inspire you to your best through learning about your passions and drives, and encouraging exploration, growth and participation in them. Do you feel like something is missing? Are you working on it? Do you feel happier and more creative or productive some days, just to find yourself slip backwards or blocked again, and you’re not sure why? FC would like to help you find your productivity / drive / creativity / whatever you are missing. Oftentimes, one area of your life (ex. work) will be improved with focused attention in another area (ex. exercise or resolving a personal issue). Spending time with an external consultant that is focused on discovering what drives you, can help you to rediscover what it is within yourself that needs reawakening and push


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