Using Real-Time Customer Insight to Drive Decision Making – Interview at MSCIO

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Gaining Customer and Marketing Insights – Chris Cashman Interviewing

– Jeff Jarrard

We use PowerView and Excel on SharePoint and O365 for interactive reporting and decision making, to allow our execs who travel quite a bitt and need access data as well.

Data Scientist – HBR said sexiest role, idk – we analyze large volumes of data from research logs like Facebook, online, our own, mash it together put into PowerPivot in Excel


Marketing in MS has 3 aspects – current, past, future

starts with raw data that comes from CRM or Revenues system. Real time views to get current data, what’s happening right now. Looking at past, what’s happened to understand BI and make Marketing Decisions.

combine marketing data and get 360 views between relationship with Microsoft and it’s customers. Like which customers are also partners. Who’s’ buying cloud services and also on premises products.

which customers do w lose to competitors

where is the white space existing

all insights come together with data warehousing, SWL server and Excel

third aspect -future view – predictive modeling – forecasting

build lots of diff models like look-alike models / propensity models

look alike model tells us based on interactions with MS, events he’s been do, trials he’s downloaded, subscriptions he’s made. Is he an IT Pro or a developer? What is the propensity for that customer to buy Product X because they’re already bought product Y from MS.

All built on MS Stack using power of SQL Server and BI

Other point of view is Anonymous – people going to and use that data to drive more personalized content to them

Quality of the data – always tends to be poor. Diff businesses have diff needs. but all need to bring together the data.

build federated models for federated data for sales, finance and then we use SQL Server 2014 to do cross querying and cross processing


commonly hear from every customer is I have all this data, how do I get the insights to take action on?

not enough Data Scientists to go around to solve these problems. Want to use the people they already have.

It’s not your father’s Excel anymore. Can handle millions of rows, on your laptop, from multiple sources like Hadoop. Driving a lot of growth of our business in the SQL world.

Ask your MS Account Manager


Challenge you to think about doing business a little differently. Almost every CIO here has backlogs of report requests. The knowledge, requests for new data and new report, by the time they have the info, the businesses need something else. Need to empower business users to pull the information quickly themselves.

Bring IT and Business together. IT shouldn’t be the only place BI and Insights are happening. IT may be the source of the data, but give the ability to CMOs to hire experts to slice and dice that data so it becomes more agile, real time and they daren’t waiting on IT while the market is changing. Great opportunity for CMOs and CIOs to drive effective marketing going forward.

Geospatial – Power Maps coming out soon – Integrates Excel with powerful Geospatial information to look at on a map. Has been a struggle the last year or two.

Cool technologies Customers love but have trouble using – Hadoop – can’t set it up and put the technology to use if they don’t know how to use it. Marketing teams can upload a lot of data to a managed service. Let the Cloud set it all up for you. Can use the Insights capability – to spot cheaters in the Halo contests – Hadoop within Azure. Did analysis, found common hacks people were starting to use. Headless Spartan You hide the head of your character so it’s hard to get a kill because you can’t see their heads. Analysis helped the contests be more fair, and now they can do more targeted campaigns since they know their users better.

At MS, based on the breadth and size of MS, we have so many systems that exist today. Gathering information for profiles and user data, all the data that comes to us is poor quality. WE don’t suffer from amount of data, have tools like Hadoop, but data is so impure / quality is poor, so all these things become challenging. We use a lot of data cleansing tools to clean up the data and bring it to a state that help integrate it in the right manner.

Importance of Machine Learning? Huge opportunity, lots of research the last few years. Bing used ML to optimize marketing campaigns. ML not about getting insights in our world. It’s about getting data like Twitter, social streams, digital campaign info

Getting data out is good, what about getting data in? Lots of ways to get data into sources. Azure – has many ways for Enterprise to hook up their data center very quickly send info to Hadoop for Data Insights. Import significant data fairly quickly.

Updated Poll info : What % of products does your company use available or requested marketing analytics before a decision is made? Highest group was B? 20-40%. That was 41% of the respondents.


Lots of mobile devices. My customers want to look at data wherever they go, interact with data, regardless of form factor big screen/small screen, very important for MS to have

How do I get started? Don’t want to have to set up all the infrastructure. Try out PAR VI – no infrastructure to install. BI services in the cloud. Works very well with O365.

I see a  lot of info here on self-service and how you can get to the data yourself, whether in mktg or sales or finance, rather than relying on someone to get the report you want to make a decision. amazing amount of tools MS offers helps to make it simple.


“It’s not about the Big Companies eating the Small, it’s the Fast that are eating the Slow” – Roundrobin video

Yammer’s been an important tool to give everyone a voice. One step closer to Guests. One step closer.

Able to identify faster, roll them out faster, work with people to get that guest experience better, ultimately taking care of our customers.

Talk to people in a non-threatening way. Extraordinary what you can learn, and the excitement you can generate.



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