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Convergence of Social, Cloud, Community in the Enterprise

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My notes from

Final Keynote on Cloud Computing

Whether on PC, tablet, browser, phone –

Christine Chen opening remarks

“Bringing the conversation back to Revolutionizing IT – imagination, what CAN we do? Everyone’s talking about the cloud” Christine Chen #MSCIO

Seamless between work life and home life, and not switching devices – the answer is the cloud.

Using cloud resources – can turn up a new product and have Enterprise Level things created in a day, and have them on your phone – with the Cloud.

Like ...

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Using Real-Time Customer Insight to Drive Decision Making – Interview at MSCIO

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Gaining Customer and Marketing Insights – Chris Cashman Interviewing

– Jeff Jarrard

We use PowerView and Excel on SharePoint and O365 for interactive reporting and decision making, to allow our execs who travel quite a bitt and need access data as well.

Data Scientist – HBR said sexiest role, idk – we analyze large volumes of data from research logs like Facebook, online, our own, mash it together put into PowerPivot in Excel


Marketing in MS has 3 aspects – current, past, future

starts with ...

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Deploying Productivity (SPS) within Microsoft

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Angus Norton – more than “the Office Guy” now I’m the “One Microsoft guy”

Leadership made bold move to share our intention of building world class 1st party services and devices.

1st step in that is our Sales Productivity Solution

devices side

services side

Productivity Solution is a knowledge tool to track, measure and run businesses at a local and national level.

from Dynamics, In Tune, O365, Surface Devices. Best of MS back end and front end solutions that we’re all in the business of selling, ...

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Attendees at MSCIO

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Lou Interviewing Doug Wilkins – attendee

Company is FHI360 – non profit in NC and across the world. Early adopters of O365

Director of Technology there

Benefits of attending

  • meeting other CIOs, discussing problems they have
  • new products on display, the innovative center, getting a feel for how they work and operate
  • learn what Microsoft is aiming for in the following year

There’s a big difference actually picking up and using a device versus looking at the specs. We need to be able to tell our users ...

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