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My thoughts on Satya’s email to employees

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Satya’s email to MS employees

I liked these quotes:

So true, stood out to me: “The true scarce commodity is increasingly human attention” – Satya Nadella

I like that they’re focusing to “maximize the value of technology while also preserving the values that are timeless”

Why I like MS: “We have a rich heritage and a unique capability around building productivity experiences and platforms”

“Microsoft has a unique ability to harmonize the world’s devices, apps, docs, data and social networks in digital work ...

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Convergence of Social, Cloud, Community in the Enterprise

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My notes from

Final Keynote on Cloud Computing

Whether on PC, tablet, browser, phone –

Christine Chen opening remarks

“Bringing the conversation back to Revolutionizing IT – imagination, what CAN we do? Everyone’s talking about the cloud” Christine Chen #MSCIO

Seamless between work life and home life, and not switching devices – the answer is the cloud.

Using cloud resources – can turn up a new product and have Enterprise Level things created in a day, and have them on your phone – with the Cloud.

Like ...

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