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Notes on Building SharePoint Solutions in the Cloud with Windows Azure

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Since my schedule only allows me to pop in and out during this session, this blog will be a place for my notes when I can join and want to save something. Details about the webinar are at the bottom.

SharePoint for Internet Sites (FIS) Public facing, anonymous access sites –  Saves bandwidth – running on Azure allows for Azure internet connectivity and bandwidth freeing up your bandwidth at your company. TAIT is currently running a WordPress site for ...

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Quick High Level IA Overview

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If you’d like a quick high level overview of IA to share, I recommend the presentation embedded below.

I enjoy reading the emails that come from the LinkedIn group for the SharePoint Users Group. Today there was a request posted asking for a copy of people’s Information Architecture, to use as an example for someone that was getting started. David Crighton responded with the link to view Peter Morville’s presentation Understanding IA.