Location an issue?

FC does not need to be located in your neighborhood; a majority of our work can be done off-site.


• Consulting via email
• Consulting via phone
• Consulting via online chat
• Even Consulting via text

We are here for you.

Contact us today with your particular
situational needs to learn how we can assist on your schedule.

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Working Odd Hours?

Working hard at running your own business takes a lot of time. Are you busy most of the day, and needing assistance in the evenings or on weekends? We can develop a schedule that works for you.

• Creating Websites
• Computer Networking and IT Management
• Developing Corporate Logos and Image
• Creating Business Plans and Marketing Plans
• Technology Upgrades and Change Management
• Correcting computer problems/issues
• Specific Recruiting and Potential Candidate Reviews
• Motivation and Morale Building

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Help Desk

FairlightConsulting’s help desk provides first level computer support, PC troubleshooting and issue resolution during normal offices hours. Phone or email the help desk with questions about software or hardware to get immediate, professional assistance.  We have integrated a chat feature and a ticketing system into our website that can be included in your support package.

The help desk services include:

  • Immediate user support for desktop operating systems, office productivity applications, and basic connectivity issues
  • Technical experts, state-of-the-art problem resolution tools, and documentation of help desk contacts to facilitate your employees’ productivity          read more >


Quality Standards

Quality Standards

You’ve heard the adage that “The only constant thing in life is
Change” and that applies to all of us at one time or another.

The whole reason there is a discipline called Change Management is
that change is difficult for most people. While change can be new and
exciting, it means a certain level of upheaval in your life, or the life of
your business. Fairlight Consulting wants to mitigate that upheaval.