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I had the pleasure of speaking at SharePoint Saturday yesterday in Nashua, New Hampshire. Follow SPSNH on Twitter! You should go next year 🙂 SPSNH was an excellently run event. The accommodations at the Radisson were great. With a hotel that looked like a castle, large rooms and multiple lobby meeting areas as well as a beautiful view outside of the trees, which are just starting to put on their Fall Wardrobe. [Pic]

In Dallas, the leaves may change color, but often times we miss it if we aren’t paying attention. The leaves are green, and then our summer heat drops down to freezing and the leaves often drop without changing color, or only show their coat of many colors for a week or three.

Theresa Eller and Melanie Nelson at the Castle Radisson for SharePoint Saturday in Nashua, New Hampshire

SPSNH was a great complement and follow up to SPTechCon in Boston last month. Jason Himmelstein organized the event with Jim Wilcox, Kris Huggins and Pat Lee of the NHSPUG. (Since SPSRed was occurring on the same day, it was fun to see which group would tweet more)-move? The classrooms were all set up with projectors and cords in place to be quick plug and play for presenters as they entered their rooms.

The vendors were centered in the action – just across from the registration desk and surrounded by the classes. Attendees found it easy to stop by booths between and during presentations as it was such a convenient location.

The speaker dinner was at a local restaurant on the river called The Peddler’s Daughter. We caught up, met new people, and made sure not to step across the invisible line (otherwise we’d be screwed.) I absolutely loved the Buffalo Chicken pizza they serve and Jason made sure they kept bringing it out. Seb introduced Theresa and I to Scotch Eggs – which apparently are available at every gas station in the UK much as Doritos are available here in the US. Before Friday night, I don’t know if I’d ever have considered wrapping a boiled egg in a thick sausage breading mixture and deep frying it. Did I like that crazy concoction? I sure did 🙂 To be fair, I do like most foods (not candied crabs). I’ll try anything twice. In case it might be prepared better a second time.


I had many great conversations during the evening and especially enjoyed meeting and talking RFPs with Mike Himelstein and Mike Gil. I look forward to reading MH’s work.

Although we left before 11PM, I still did not finish my presentation that night. I tooled around with it a bit and got the first round of formatting and idea structure laid out, but was so tired from my day (started at 4AM to fly in from Dallas) that I had to get some rest. I worked on it some more the next morning prior to the Keynote – oh, what a wonderful way to begin the day!

In true Fun-SharePoint-Community style, the keynote speaker’s session room had Star Wars playing on the big screen prior to the events kicking off. Breakfast was served in the vendor’s expo area and was a chance to spend some time with industry greats like Journata, K2, ——.

So excited about the opportunity to speak, I reached out to some of the people who have encouraged me: Mark Rackley and Jeremy Thacke. They were as helpful and encouraging as always, and this is such a great example of how the SharePoint Community works and why I love it so much. Jeremy sent me some suggestions, and even wrote a blog to share with everyone else 🙂 Yes, I recorded it in Camtasia. No, I haven’t had a minute to go back and look at it, yet.

Seb’s video is hilarious, and you have to watch it if you haven’t yet. Take a few minutes – it’s better than this blog entry you’re reading 😉 The fact that he tied in so many other SharePoint leaders shows how fun the group is, and the sense of humor they carry with them while working on insanely large and complex projects. The Community helps each other, and really enjoys doing it. How many people do you know that would spend their own money to travel and share knowledge on the weekends with other people because they liked, say, Microsoft Word?      Me either.

Change – it’s the only constant in this world. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that before. I have. Yet when Seb started speaking about Change in the World and with SharePoint, he had my rapt attention. Great points sprinkled with laughter, poignant notes, genuinely shared opinions really engaged me.


So many memories, such great education and networking… no time to finish it all now, but I do hope to later! 🙂


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