Making a Business Case for SharePoint – Presentation at SPSDFW 2013

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SharePoint Saturday – Dallas

Making a Business Case for SharePoint – Presentation given by Melanie Nelson at  #SPSDFW 2013 facilitated by @DFWSharePoint hosted by Microsoft @SharePoint

Here is the slideshow I used yesterday at SharePoint Saturday DFW 2013 in Dallas at Microsoft’s Las Colinas Campus in Irving. #SPSDFW for many great presentations by industry leaders.

The Business Case for SharePoint was put together to share the story of why Tait Environmental Services chose to use SharePoint for their environmental compliance system. During the presentation, I discussed the history of previous versions of TECS Online – Tait’s Environmental Compliance System – and what the company’s current needs are. It’s one thing to meet needs – why would we want a system as complicated as SharePoint? TECS is mission critical to our company, and the decisions surrounding it are given the greatest importance. So why SharePoint for TECS Online? That’s what my presentation was about.

The reasons for our selection / decision are probably similar to many other businesses, which is why it may be helpful for you or others to know this particular example. Some short answers to ‘why’ are:

  • SharePoint does so much more than what we currently use it for, so there are other functionalities we may take advantage of without purchasing additional software/platforms/systems/licenses – we can continue to grow or advance the technology in our company without additional expense. Learn more about SharePoint 2013 features and capabilities and download the IT Pro Reviewer Guide.
  • SharePoint is a Microsoft technology that will continue to be developed at their expense. Proprietary systems would be developed at additional expense to us, but we know Microsoft will continue investing their own funds to improve SharePoint.
  • We already have the licensing in place, and have SA – software assurance for SharePoint. That means we are able to upgrade to the newer version included in the costs we are already paying.
  • Less of a learning curve to stay with SharePoint than to start a new system. SharePoint 2013’s Ribbon menu features are more similar to Microsoft Office products, which also lessens the user’s learning curve.

The upgrade would be from SharePoint 2010 –> 2013. SharePoint 2013 development has more options than ever before. Working with a consultant to re-architect TECS Online /create TECS 3.0 in SharePoint 2013 is a project I am very much looking forward to getting started on. We are still in the selection part of the process, but get closer every day.

Email, tweet or text me with any questions. I hope reading the Business Case Study about TAIT’s decision to use SharePoint helps you! I will continue to update my scheduled speaking engagements on this blog site.


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