SPC14 My First SharePoint Conference

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SPC14 My First SharePoint Conference

SharePoint Conference 2014 was my first SPC, and I’m happy to share some info from my mentors as well as comments of my own. I loved SPC14.

While I didn’t participate in the SharePoint funeral, I was keeping a keen eye out for news of replacements and info that was shared furthered / validated last years rumors of Access forms. I’m sure we will still use InfoPath while form development continues, at least for the foreseeable future. Being part of the Flash Mob was a blast. Thank you to Joel Oleson for putting community events like this together. We sang “Don’t Stop Believing” and added the power grab (Hold on to that feelin’) and other 80s gestures (SharePoint people) and it was a lot of fun.

Search has continued to develop and displays relationships between people and information in Office Graph (the app’s code name Oslo)

Bill Clinton’s Keynote wasn’t too technical, but was a great representation of how technology has enabled world change. He discussed his foundation and how technology allowed for exponential growth helping others, such as working to eliminate hunger. Watch it to learn more about his foundation and feel good about advances in technology meaning more than helping us work more efficiently at our day jobs 🙂


Mark Jones already put together a great list of articles from #SPC14

Marc’s Wrap Up Blog – “The Microsoft I wanted to find” explained
– embracing JavaScript
– forms roadmap details (

Joel’s Wrap Up Blog

Nik Patel’s Wrap Up – Microsoft’s vision for future of Forms



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