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SP24 is over and with altogether 7500 attendees and I’m proud to have been part of what ended up being the second largest SharePoint conference worldwide! 🙂 For free! SP24 SharePoint / Office 365 Sessions

I’m pleased to have been able to contribute and support Matthias, Mark, Paul and Jon as they pulled off an amazing amount of work. Being an anchor as well as a presenter was so much fun!


As an anchor, I enjoyed using different looks. This was my “300” impression, and I yelled, “SharePointers, what is your profession?” in true Spartan style to kick off the session.

In case you were unable to attend SP24 live or the Rewound (backwards order replay of sessions) online, all sessions are now available for free for registered users at You can register now.

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The session rooms are anonymously accessible and can be linked directly though the videos and chat will only show up when logged in. This allows also people who join later to receive the session material, fill in the survey and discover other sessions – very cool!

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Save this list to refer to later, and share it with others by inserting it into your blogs Let’s share the love / free SharePoint training 🙂


There are lots of SP24 Resources available to you, too. You will have probably noticed that as you attended various sessions in the conference, you automatically received slides and code samples shared by the speakers. For convenience, these resources are not only available in each Session Room, but are also consolidated centrally in your ‘My SP24 Resources’ page. As you attend more sessions on-demand, this list will automatically grow with related resources.

All you need to do is log-in and go to the ‘Session Planner‘. Once there, click on any session that you want to watch and it will automatically start playing. Couldn’t be easier! Enjoy the on-demand sessions.

PS. Don’t forget those Speaker submission forms 😉 Learn more about the Speakers at the SP24 Speaker LineUp.


I’m so proud to have been a part of @SP24Conf.


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