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This morning I watched and agreed with this video Millennials Tee Off on Other Meeting Methods. Ask Gen Y brings up the question whether the drop in golfing is associated with the Gen Y mindset. Perhaps. Shorter attention span, requirement of being more entertained, even a lack of knowledge – any or all of these may be contributing factors. The subject and video caught my attention because I see this happening currently in my personal networking strategy. Whereas I’ve only attended a couple of tournaments in the last year, I’ve been to golfing meetings multiple times this month.

As I continue working on Business Development, less and less meetings are happening on the golf course. Is that because golf is less attractive? Not necessarily. I have been moving more meetings to TopGolf, a location where we can still enjoy the sport but at our own pace and selecting our own timeframe. No one needs to play through, we don’t need to wait on anyone and we don’t have to play 18 holes.

Golf will always be a fun sport. By playing a full 18 holes though, you are offering a lot of your networking time to a limited number of people (up to 3). The alternative I’m pursuing is to have a meeting while golfing – which means I can have as many people as I’d like. If you do invite more than 3, be aware it can morph from a meeting into a HH/party and there are multiple conversations going on simultaneously.

When I schedule a meeting to discuss our services at someone’s office, I’ll book 30 minutes or an hour of their time on the calendar. More than that might seem superfluous. When we are meeting at an offsite location like a restaurant, bar or TopGolf, it’s appropriate to book two hours. The ultimate goal in networking is to get to know your potential clients on a personal level as well as impart business knowledge to them and glean insights into their purchasing process and power. Getting an out of the office meeting has been much more successful at getting to know them personally than office meeting have, for me. What about for you?


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