SharePoint v SharePoint Online

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SharePoint v SharePoint Online

I’m starting to keep a list of notes here as I read, watch and learn. Here they are for your reference as well.

Updated 11/14/20103:

An online survey of nearly  500 readers last week showed a surprising and interesting trend: While 66  percent of current SharePoint online users have Office 365 subscriptions (compared  with 14 percent using Windows Azure and 15 percent using other cloud providers),  of those planning to run SharePoint in the cloud in the future, 55 percent will  opt for Office 365 and nearly 29 percent will use Windows Azure.

Smaller organizations are the most obvious candidates  to go to SharePoint Online Office 365

Whether  or not larger shops are using Office 365, Windows Azure or third-party  infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) or managed services providers (or any  combination of those), the largest trend is toward hybrid implementations where  they are adding capacity to existing SharePoint infrastructure incrementally.

“We’re probably seeing 80 percent of our customers go hybrid  cloud in some way, maybe for example moving My Sites and some of their  extranets to the cloud, and keeping their line of business integration on  premise for now,” said Ben Curry, managing partner at Summit 7 Systems.

If you want to use all of the content management  capabilities, deeper integration into other line of  business systems, those are the kinds of  customers that will continue to run SharePoint either in their own servers or  Windows Azure,” said Adriaan Van Wyk, CEO of K2

External data   integration is always worth to take a look. There are some improvements with   2013 (mostly for developers), but still huge gaps, especially with SharePoint   Online.
Tools from 3rd party could help to close:
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