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What will it take to get your business to the next level?
Our consultants are involved in providing objective advice, expertise and specialist skills with the aim of creating value, maximizing growth or improving the business performance of our clients. We are primarily concerned with the strategy, structure, management and operations of small businesses. We assist by

Will hiring consultants work for you?
The ultimate success of a consulting project is determined by you, the client, and depends on the extent to which you have been able to identify and agree on the precise reasons why you’re hiring consultants. It is crucial to outline expectations in the beginnning.

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Hiring Consultants

You can reap some rewards by contracting with independent contractors/consultants instead of hiring new employees. The advantages include:
– You get special expertise
– You use them as needed
– You save on tax contributions
– You save on benefits
– You have flexibility in the relationship
– You can terminate them easier than terminating employees

But using contractors/consultants can have its own set of disadvantages:
– You may not have the same continuity in the relationship as you would have with an employee
– You may have to pay high fees to the consultant
– You have limited control over the consultant

Ways You Can Avoid Mistakes When Hiring Consultants

Have a legal agreement.  Write an agreement binding you and FC [the consultant] to achieving certain objectives within a certain timeframe. Be sure to outline the responsibilities expected from each party to alleviate any confusion if there is a disagreement in the future.
Clarify the job. Define clearly what the project is going to be and agree on each step of the process. Make sure you and the consultant are clear on the contract requirements or the results each expects to have achieved.
Clarify the rate.  Be very clear on the rate you will pay based on the services received from the consultant. Go over the approximate quote given based on the time taken to do the job. Quotes may not be fixed, but we will offer to stay within a range of that amount. Understand that changes from the original requested services can alter a quote substantially, and be sure when requesting additional services, that you understand any changes in rate. Communication is key.


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