Satya’s Keynote at WPC14

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You can stream the keynote at so go take a look if you have a moment. For those of you watching later, you can view the on demand speeches here. I’m sure there will be an opportunity to read Satya’s speech online so there’s no need for me to re-write it here. I’ll just say that there were some great demos – Cortana, Sienna – building an app in minutes that worked with elevator sensors to show engineers in real time what was going on in the building using Visual Studio Online, Skype Translate which is supposed to be out for preview by the end of the year. I like that he ended on “Courage in the face of opportunity.”

A lot of what we’ve seen recently. I was hoping he’d delve more into what I’m calling profiles – how to delineate between personal and business in all apps, etc. That’s a passion of mine and ever since he first took over I think he’s hinted at it so I look forward to all development in this area 🙂


What can Cortana do for you personally?


Skype, other tools, it’s business process. We need to harmonize everything you’re doing in business and in life with consistency of life experience and IT experience.

Need to imagine the next turn, the next platform – to stay successful.

That’s the hardest part. The technology is the simplest thing.

Building an app in minutes that’s sensor sensitive and shares data in real time – logon to view  #wpc14 #sienna

Any organization that wants 2 thrive on data needs 2 have a culture of data -Satya #powerView #PowerPivot #PowerQ&A not just big data #WPC14

You can watch the Vision Keynote live on . Satya Nadella is on stage now. #WPC14

Gina Montgomery@GinaMMontgomery  ·   Microsoft to reinvent productivity because with this time of massive computing capabilities, time is scarce. @satyanadella #wpc14

You no longer own the journey of how customers find you and create perceptions of you #WPC14

Melanie Nelson@FairlightConslt  ·   Go, @MSFTenterprise “obsess over reinventing productivity and platforms” and create what I need. Ready 2 hear about in the keynote #WPC14

Melanie Nelson @FairlightConslt  · I <3: We will reinvent productivity for people who are swimming in a growing sea of devices, apps, data and social networks – @satyanadella


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