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Notes on Yammer

I want to introduce Yammer to TAIT. In order to get management to embrace it, I’ll need to show the business needs and user adoption.

First, I’ll check with our IT professional, and ask what our history is with any other messaging systems. I’ll fill him in on my experiences using Yammer the past couple of months, and discuss a trial run.

Here I am going to place the links and information I am reading so I can keep track of it. This way I can also use this blog as a reference tool in the future. Perhaps if you stumble upon it, you can use it as well. Hopefully it will help us both. 🙂

Feedback always appreciated.

Information Tools I’m utilizing:


Online Collaboration Tools 8.10.2013 presentation like a doctoral thesis, collecting tons of information and running the math for results.

Pathways to Future Learning presentation.

  • “Truly transformational initiatives are invested in the communities they touch”
  • Digital taxonomy – slide 19
  • Knowledge type overlay on slide 20 – Increasingly More Complex Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge
  • Insert Any Professional – lol title – slide 30, showing the many in/out knowledge communication areas we deal with & the tools are on slide 31
  • Mindmapping – slide 58
  • “The network is more powerful than the node” – slide 65

Working Social presentation by Marta Texidor – Customer Success @ Yammer

  • Jack Welch quote – love it, compared it to getting older on the outside and feeling younger on the inside must mean I’m going to die – at the MSCC meeting, made people laugh 🙂
  • Being successful means changing how you work – slide 19
  • The Social Journey – slide 20
  • 4 Factors for a Successful Journey – slide 21

Journalism – New Challenges – did not finish as it is 523 slides, but looks like good stuff & may want to come back

Practical Customer Development presentation by Cindy Alvarez, Director of User Experience at Yammer (a Microsoft company)

  • Each hour of [talking] saves hours of [teaching, research, working alone] – slide 5
  • The Business Model Canvas – slide 9
  • Asking the right questions – how customers decide, how they buy, how they use – slide 14
  • If you had a magic wand… that’s what I ask people for TECS 3.0! 🙂 – slide 18

Yammer and SharePoint…what is all the fuss about? Jeremy Thake, VP of Global Product Innovation, AvePoint

Jeremy’s Predections – slides 61-63

His References


Notes, blurbs, other resources:

Yammer is about relevance rather than technology: Don’t treat this as a technology project but instead communicate to people why this is relevant to their day to day work and doesn’t add time to it.


Tools like Yammer are designed to yield quick time to value and delivery of services that enable the business. Whether it’s finding a document that they’d otherwise spend a week re-writing or connecting with someone that has the expertise they seek, ESN tools such as Yammer provide a way of making the resources of the organization available to you when you need it.


Prioritize your main areas of focus. Look for areas of opportunity that tie-in directly to existing company objectives

Engage – Attract, engage, and retain your employees. Examples: Share best practices, identify expertise, drive corporate communications

Collaborate – Connect, collaborate and deliver with high performing teams. Examples: Collaborate with teams across geos and functions, manage projects or events

Innovate – Adapt, compete and win through rapid innovation. Examples: Undergo company re-org and /or re-alignment, launch new products, enter new markets

Services Delivered: Knowledge & Collaboration (SharePoint), Enterprise Social (Yammer) – adding value to Search & Metadata. Looking at this from an Information Governance perspective. Value is categorized as Knowledge – specifically Formal, Informal and Emergent Knowledge. Consider “seeding” the topics in Yammer. Need full version and can take further – ex. Knowledge Net, tracking behaviors, fully collaborating, extrapolating metadata, maintaining content types, mapping and managing terms.

Naomi’s Slide Share

Microsoft’s Vision for Enterprise Social


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