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Cultivate positive leadership within yourself and your team – cultivate a positive culture and weed out negativity

Positive leaders, positive work environments, and positive engaged employees produce positive results. I’ve compiled some excerpts from The Positive Business Manifesto  PDF e-book from Jon Gordon. Visit his site for more resources, and I hope you find these helpful. They’re good notes for me, and I hope they will be for you as well. I especially enjoyed his complimentary close: I wish you all green lights on your journey. Stay Positive

Positive energy trickles up and sideways through an organization but it flows powerfully from the top down: from leaders, to managers, to employees to customers.

“Each person needs to understand the s vision and identify how their personal vision, job and effort contribute to the overall vision.”

Businesses need to consider: “How are we going to deal with negativity, challenges and energy vampires (negative people)?”

The No Complaining Rule – “Employees are not allowed to mindlessly complain to their co-workers. If they have a complaint they can take it to a manager or  someone who can do something about the problem, BUT they must also offer one or two possible solutions.” – Dwight Cooper, the CEO of PPR, a nurse staffing company that was voted one of the best places to work by SHRM

We must identify who the right people are, make sure they are positive, and create a process that gets them on the [team]. Too many leaders know who their negative employees are but they don’t know what to do with them.

Where there is a void or gap in communication, negative energy will always fill it. When people feel fearful or uncertain or unheard they start thinking the worst and act accordingly.

Great service begins with a positive culture where employees are engaged and energized at work and enjoy sharing positive, contagious energy with their customers.

The main reason why people leave their jobs is because they don’t feel appreciated.

People and organizations are most energized when they are focused on a bigger purpose beyond themselves. When we find and live this purpose at work, it will provide the ultimate fuel for a meaningful and successful life and career. We don’t have to go on a mission trip to be on a mission. Every day we can live our mission at work. Every leader needs to identify a bigger purpose for their organization, and every employee must tap into this purpose.


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