Nokia’s Treasure Tag

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Nokia’s Treasure Tag
Why are they using these larger “tags” instead of thinner stickers? I was wondering – is there a better and easier way? I totally forgot I ordered all those NFC stickers when I got my Lumia 1020. IDK where they are, I haven’t even programmed them, and I think it’s so cool that we have that capability! So am I going to spend the $30 and try it out? Probably. There’s still time to consider it since it’s not really on sale until April.

The Treasure Tag app is available in the Windows Phone Store. Download the app to use the built-in NFC chip to automatically track your tagged items (purse, wallet, keys) and shows their locations on your phone. The app does require the Nokia Black software update. You can use 1-4 Treasure Tags at the same time. Of course, IDK if I want my phone constantly beeping at me that often – if I walk away from my purse, keys, etc.

I bet this will be more popular for girls since they can consolidate their ‘treasures’ into their purse. For guys, though, do you want to add a key fob, something as thick as a matchbook into your wallet (albeit that is small, it’s not as small as an NFC sticker or a credit card) or anything else? I don’t know that my hubby would.



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