New Dallas MSCC launched, 2nd meeting soon

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Ben McMann gave a great presentation.

Ben referenced this video where the Scott Cook describes the principles of lean startups as they apply to business. To learn more, read the book The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

I have included my notes from the video Creating a Culture of Experimentation from the Lean Startup Conference 2012 below:

In order to change things profoundly, to pioneer in game changing ways to improve the lives of people around the world, change things to create new success after new success, from one generation to another, you have to

  • change the way leaders behave, and the roles of leaders
  • change the way decisions are made at the company
  • Converting your company into a network of lean startups

Don’t stick with the conventional, x and commonplace. Move decisions from being made by power and PowerPoint. From bosses voting their opinions to customers voting with their freedom.

Rather than “What’s your answer and what’s the analysis behind it” ask, “What’s the fastest way to experiment to test the idea”?

Roles of leaders

  1. Set the Grand Challenge
  2. Install the systems and culture that enable even junior people to help achieve the grand Challenge
  3. Model pulling insights from the experiments whether they’ve succeeded or failed
  4. Has to live by the same rules and disciplines themselves



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