Networking Solutions

Fairlight ConsultingNetworking Solutions offer many advantages over traditional practice networks by providing a wide array of industry leading features that improve practice efficiency and maintainability. We are in business too and we fully understand the need to protect company data from catastrophic loss, either by accident or malicious damage. We offer best of breed solutions in server technology, storage and hardware.

netwoking solutions

Our group offers complete solutions including design, implementation, and support for specialized networking of single sites or “wide area networking” between multiple sites. Whether you are a small-to-medium-sized business or enterprise, we can design, create, and support your network of information systems. We analyze your needs, whether you are starting from scratch or expanding your present setup, and build the systems and network infrastructures that are appropriate for your organization and its future.

  • We integrate systems into a network that can expand with your corporate technology needs, without necessitating major overhauls in the future.
  • We can suggest changes to your current systems, servers, and network that will minimize current overhead expense
  • Data Backup
  • Server Installation and implementation
  • On-call availability
  • Provide break-fix services for most PCs and peripherals
  • We make your systems and network accessible so that either our technicians or your own IT person can make adjustments and repairs with a minimum of down time
  • We can provide secure remote access to your corporate WAN
  • We will keep your IT staff abreast of the latest technology

Fairlight Consulting networking specialists know all about cutting edge networking technologies and which network components will work together to be most effective for your existing or projected infrastructure.