Monthly Security & Support Services

Ease the burden of IT issues that come from multiple phones/computers/servers, updating them, your website and more. That’s a lot of work, and research when you don’t do it all the time.

Fairlight Consulting provides complete network security and support solutions for our Clients, and mitigate IT costs by offering monthly service plans.

Sign up for IT support and security services and get rid of that technology headache.


The monthly service packages offer:

  • The moment you engage with us, a comprehensive network assessment will be performed. This service provides a detailed roadmap of the computing environment and outlines areas for improvement in the short- and long-term that can improve your business as a whole. [more details…]
  • The initial capital expenditure for security appliances and services can be costly;Fairlight Consulting reduces the capital expense.
  • Free 30-day trial – when you use Fairlight Consulting to install and configure security services on your network, we will provide ongoing support free for 30-days. If you like it, keep it on a month-to-month basis.
  • Included technical support – 24/7/365 technical support is available, most problems can be solved over the phone with remote support without the need of an on-site consultant
  • Security updates installed – most security and firmware updates can be installed remotely. When FC has set up your network, completing these updates is included free of charge
  • Reduced expenses – support can be much more costly if it is needed rather than if you are keeping up your system (an ounce of prevention, a pound of cure…)
  • Hardware maintenance – Fairlight Consulting will replace hardware as needed to support your network, and makes recommendations regarding hardware when on site for other purposes
  • Trouble ticket system – saves time by immediately putting your request in queue, you control the contact time and method of support for assistance
  • Reporting included – report on all aspects of the network including web and email usage
  • Resource planning – ability to plan IT support expenses over the course of a year with a consistent monthly charge (*projects fall outside the IT support and services scope)

Fairlight Consulting Security Services provides effective and affordable security solutions for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs). Fairlight Consulting will recommend and procure any necessary hardware or software for the system and perform installation on site. Full support of any newly installed system is included at no additional charge for the first 30 days. That includesinstalling software updates, hardware maintenance, and technical support even exceeding terms of our ongoing service package.

Fairlight’s all-in-one security solutions are designed with affordability and ease of use in mind, making Fairlight Consulting the cost-effective choice for organizations not yet ready to employ a full time networking and security staff themselves. Oursecurity services will address each of your security issues: Firewall, VPN, Email and Web Security, andMail Servers.

Upon request, Fairlight Consulting will included a complete web filtering and security solution that blocks inappropriate content using website categories like pornography, violence, social networking, spyware, and more. Website blocking is regulated using group based or time/day policies and transparent authentication. Web filtering saves companies from many virus attacks and also ensures employee productivity is maximized by restricting access to only specific sites or limiting access to particular sites.