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Melanie Nelson Speaker Bio
Here is a speaker bio that I recently submitted. I was accepted, and am thinking if I am going to keep speaking at events, then I should have a more formal bio. I’m open to suggestions 🙂

Melanie Nelson is from Dallas, Texas, a graduate of the esteemed SMU COX School of Business. Her background in banking, investment-banking, filmmaking, retail banking and mortgage banking led her to business and IT consulting. A long-term consulting role led to gaining environmental expertise and working at TAIT. That history, plus her real estate and photography entrepreneurial ventures hint at her varied interests and clearly show her intense devotion to and actual love of business. (<– not politics)

“The environmental consulting portion of TAIT I am most involved in centers around petroleum storage tank regulations, which are having major changes. My role is planning and managing development of the SharePoint current and future installations which we use as an environmental compliance system, and it feels good to have such a focus on the environment. Photography is a creative outlet that warms my heart because as it is a huge confidence booster for the people we work with. It is great to work alongside my husband in our photography and IT businesses.”

Melanie is a very motivated and self-driven woman with a positive attitude. She is always willing to help when she can and loves to share ideas and brainstorm on your projects. She is a self-described “SharePoint Optimist 😉 I love SharePoint because it’s Business Strategy and I love brainstorming building businesses. Idea machine, right here.”

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