Interviewing Microsoft Users and new Software they’ve built on MS

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Margaret Awakawa Interviewing

Current Microsoft Users – companies that have built custom solutions based on the Microsoft Platform

Alan – Dir of Mfg at AMS – solutions that people interact with technology. Conf room – we manage all the devices in a conf room. have a line of signage products.

Patrick – VP of Advance Tech for Landstar System. Transportation Services provider. Trucking company $3billion with no trucks. 8-9k operators, 50k broker carriers that haul our freight.


Uses Microsoft dynamics CRM, we sell through a distribution channel. Need salespeople to have a conversation with our dealers and distributors, an application that will drive the conversation. High tech company that was having low tech meetings. Were still using Excel docs, needed to drive it home in the board room. Chose Microsoft to help – CIO of AMX has what we call the guardrails. We are a Microsoft vendor, so it’s easier to integrate with them. When Surface came out, was a great choice bc low cost of ownership, could set beside our products (we have a touch panel as well). Integrated from a look and feel perspective as well.


Biggest challenge is # of loads in the systems. we don’t do a dispatch – tell them what to do and pick up. They’re incented by finding the load. WE provide feature rich applications to help them sort through the type of equipment, financial needs, areas. to help them. in 2001 we rolled out a very successful program. in 2011 we were being requetst5ed for a Mobile App. Everyone wanted an app so they could be same productivity without the laptop. We rolled out a smartphone app that gave them the robust capability – we chose Microsoft and wen into Visual Studio 2010 to write it. Our website is the primary means that Owner Operators and constituants operate with us, so this app was a good means for them to get to us. App helps them find business, so the faster it goes, the better they can do their job and make money. We give them the app so they can find freight in the next city they’re going to, to drop off freight so they lessen their downtime. Probably are running 7-10k loads in any given day. About 8500 owner operators that strictly haul for us. They’re on the roads of America every day.


ALAN giving a DEMO

our Salesforce go out and meet dealers at Trade Shows, Customer Sites, etc. Needed to have have a solution that was easy to synchronize and have a mobile platform. Surface gave all productivity tools. Our application is Dynamo. Connects to Dynamics CRM, on the backside, and also our backend environment. MS provided Seed Money and we worked with MSP RBA, so from my perspective, I dint’ have anybody on my team that knew Windows 8 development. SO leveraged RBA for that technology. Have an EE now that just started. Gave info to RBA and was easy for them to start modifying it.

Synch button pulls info from CRM and from our BI environment. Shows accounts this user has – pulls from AD. Color coordinated. Have different price tiers – shows in the colors. Platinum Plus, Platinum, Gold Silver Bronze, but those were too close so diff colors were picked. Icon differentiates between Dealer, Distributor and Distributor of Dealers.

Conversation – talk about REvenue, where are you today and what is your goal? Goal is modifiable. Can drill iinto the tile and see month over month the revenue, to see hwo the distributor is trending. Can edit goal and will synchronize with CRM.

Look at what the dealer is selling product wise, what products sell the most for them

Pipeline of Opportunities. Bluw is usnder 200k, green is over200k, estimated value and estimated close date are editable. Not trying to make everything in CRM editable. Just the things that they’d want to change during the meeting.

Certifications – AMX provides free education for our dealers and distributors. To have a good brand, any installation needs to be done well. The more we convince people to take part of our training, the better their brand will be as well. Sales people can go through. Incentive plans are tied to the amount of training. Showing her eth certifications the dealer and can have and what’s required for their training

Service Management Issues – when our de3alers call us for support, we check to see what the issues are. Is training an issue? When triaged on our Management side, correlate back to the certification, see breakdown by product line, see tickets, cases that have been out there a long time, any point of contention, between distributor or AMX. Screen has last 90 days of opened tickets.

End to End where care note just about making money, but making sure customers are happy. Get the Live Tiles. Use the dynamic nature to show graphics from backend information.


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