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HP and Microsoft – 25 year partnership

Mark discussing Lync – using over 5 years

Using Lync within

UC as a Service


Enterprise group – server, storage, we do a tremendous amount with MS. Lately we do a lot of reference architectures. Created blueprint instructions for how to roll out Lync at your business.

Black & Veach – started an IT initiave to modernize, mobilize and economize. Took old legacy applications, PBXs, put them on Lync. Mobility – they were decentralized – EEs needed to work across time zones, Lync keeps them connected. Economize – reduced costs by taking out legacy applications.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) – at HP we’re excited about SDN, biggest development in networking in the past 5-10 years. Think of switches as traffic lights, making decisions on their own. SDN is about the entire infrastructure (whole metroplex not just one stop light) takest hat individual control and moves it to a centralized control. Voice is a communicative unified system – can’t have blockage, moves around that dynamically. We’ll see that in UNCN / UCN?

IT Challenges today – budgets are gight/declining, and still expected to deliver business solutions that meet business goals.

UCNC – initiative to reduce cost and put in a competitive solution


Mike at HP working in Big Data

Challenge to achieve results – legacy data systems aren’t equipped to deal with the volume and variety of data we are talking about.

HP data warehouse from MS

offers ability to have insight into data at the large scale, so you can look at your lifecycle

High Voperates a series of grocery stores, emploloyee-owned stores, very competitive marketing, needs insigghts into what theye customers need so they can offer competitive products to their customer set. Needed big data strategy to look at purchasing – all tranactions, what purchased, what time, assessed for patterns. Need to see what trends are occurring, how are promotions working, how are their clients changing.

Parallel data warehouse scales from small to high key warehouse

Looki into styructured and unstructured data sets to get insignts into your customer wants and needs and respond to those before your competitors do



Talk about Cloud and how HP helps Microsoft – significant joint investments. Need infrastructure behind the cloud. HP hardware stack. HP-based servers, storage and networking running the MS private cloud stack.

Customers are small all the way to enterprise. MS Departmental Private Cloud Solution – anything from two to 64 servers, all tthey wa up to Michrosoft Virtual Solution

SQL Servers used to be in house – not the case? Absolutely. Customers can run large server workloads they they couldn’t before. Greater consolidation value in running a SWL Server workload in a MS cloud

Custs looking at true consolidation place. Reducing footprint – includes energy, power cooling.

Custs looking at mgmt. – now you can manage several hundred servers with just 1-2 people

cut down time to stand up the environment, and manage the environment

Looking at “big server” – this is how you customize

don’t need all those racks? okay, delete them. WE look at what you’re really running, and we bring the hardware that you need to be successful. Not too much, just what’s needed.

Take Away

HP and MS have a major joint investment – we put it into place foer our clients, to add value and make your env run as well as it can.


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