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Barry Briggs, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft IT

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Think about brining those pillars together to make employees more productive and bring benefit to our customers.

Company meeting, had Yammer going at the same time. Employees were engaging with each other, and SMEs, asking questions, participating and having a more rich experience through the full meeting.

Yammer as a social enterprise tool, most people in the audience were posting from their mobile phones. WE could use analytics to get the overall sentiment, what people thought of the speaker, etc.

4 Pillars – think of them as one tightly integrated thing.

Microsoft is spending a lot of resources to move our applicatioans as infrastructure as a service, platform as a serice – to take advantage of new features coming out in Windows Azure, almost all EEs are on O365 and Exchange.

Competitive Advantage – goal of IT is to provide it to business. That’s how we see our role in Microsoft

Where can people find info?

WhitePapers, presentations, all about how we at Microsoft IT use things to innovate in our business

Speedbumps? While always looking at the newest technologies coming out, they arrive almost daily!

Take Aways:

The world of Enterprise IT is rapidly evolving.

Microsoft is committed to riding this wave, helping our customers to, providing the technologies for them, taking advantage of Yammer, Lync, O365 to make their business more cost efficient and effective.

Future – next year? The cloud won’t be an issue anymore. Peple will have their apps and their infrastructure in the cloud. Pepole will have mobile applications everywhere using information in the cloud. The Whole is better than the greater sum of the parts – having the whole company participating. You get all the IQ concentrated on a given problem – something we’ve never had before.

How do you integrate a live presentation with feedback during? Isn’t it a distraction, too much? How is it a good thing?

We do it today. Social media feeds come in, and that’s a way to garner those ideas and inspiration. Sometimes we take those and feed them into the product development team and what we do at Microsoft.



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