Harnessing the Power of Big Data

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Chris Cashman Interviewing AMY and FRANK

Poll question: Is the % of your budget devoted to BI / data increasing or decreasing? Answer: 85% increasing , the rest decreasing.

Excel – add to that some of the Bing work (will show you in my live Demo) it’s been a real tool. Our rhythm is trying to make better decisions. We’ve made investment sin the finance division so leaders can meke decisions faster using our own technology. I’m a new CFO, in job 5 months, so helpful to get up to speed. Excited to show the power of the tools I’ve come to appreciate more broadly. Using our own – perfect – works within the business plan. Have more pride in talking to custokmers and employoees. Investing as a company for tools I’ll use and help everyone else

How the organization is taking advantage of data


Conroller’s WorkSpace – SharePoint display, role based. Easy for everyone across the world to use. Integrates scorecards on how centers are prerforming, the transactions, everything they need to do and haven’t done journal entrys, mundane topics like that , 404 controls, status, helps them do their job quickly. Amazing for a com pany like Microsoft, able to put financial info toghetrer, get reviewed by our auditors, have our earnings announcement, and file our statutory file with the SEC withing three weeks. That wouldn’t be possible without SharePoint

SHOWING HER TOOL – POWER BI – within SharePoint

Power BI – takes advantage of tools we know. Uses language that’s familiar. Natural language.

Typing a term first, I have to start with “
sum of actual cost” not the best way , what would be more interesting? add “P&L” add more identifiers “classified” …

Responds quickly, in a visual way, with tools you know

Type in “revenue” see a number

Type in “customer concentration” and “customer name” but not enough to know your biggest, you want to know their patterns

“This tool, so magical, a little like Batman” watching the BI tool auto-complete as she types, and displays a visual graph

Tool like this that didn’t take that much to build

Power BI demo



thinking about partnership with IT – manage what you have and do more but don’ t spend more – a challenge we all face, even here. A challenge best solved by technology. It’s a constant pivot. Tools like this (Power BI) ensuring you still have managed processes controlled with confidence and the tools to do them with more time in your day, allowing time to grow. Time to help run and drive your businesses day to day.

We think about what we need. Realize it’s what you need, but we can influence what is built 🙂 Using Excel makes it easy. We just added PowerPoint into our Power view tool. Allows graphical representation of our data. Power when IT and Finance work together.

Getting to one source, one truth, that’s been a – smarter insights, bring it from one data source is and criteria we have to use and drives our investments.

how make available?

make affordable and easy to deploy – so can be done at a lower level of the organization. Tool they can use without IT resources. Powerful when building new lines of business quickly. Innovate on Business Model, Insights of data. That power, given locally, is really making these things accessible. If you want, and you have a heavy process, it take s a long time. We’ve tried to find the balance between appropriate control and being able to decentralize access of the power of a common tool like this, they don’t need to wait and ask the question. Want more people to be able to do this. Have the people who work for me and with me to be able to do this without putting in big requests we’ll have to fulfill.

KEY TAKEAWAYS – what do you hope folks leave with

Look for ways that we can continue to streamline and manage these large volumes of information, make information out of data. We collect a lot, but people don’t know what to do with it. I’m looking at external information, like how many PCs sold, number of phones being sold, what are the sales relationships, types of changes going on with our customers, so have more info avail in which to base decisions on and design products for, looking more holistically at our customers to further their purposes.

AMY: Hope people walk away building tools people want to use and would choose if given every choice. I want people to pick this because it’s the best one, and that you know how to use with out a lot of training. Whether in IT or the CIO’s office, we provide something they’d then ask others and would show off. Want to use what I’d use at home, and would be equally passionate about at work. building tools with a low entry cost, both learning and investment dollar.s




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