GoToMeeting v GoToWebinar v GoToTraining

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GoToMeeting v GoToWebinar v GoToTraining

GoToMeeting v GoToWebinar v GoToTraining

Erika asked us to Tweet a pic, so Tweet I did – here you go! @gotomeeting @gototraining @gotowebinar – from @mfairlight (personal) other is @fairlightconslt

Picture of Melanie Nelson on Webinar with Erika of Citrix

I currently use GoToMeeting a lot, and so when I saw the webinar to learn about the other options, I was happy to log in. Erica Maki with Citrix did a great job presenting the differences between the three. I like the customization, gathering questions, comments ahead of time, ask about referrals – how people heard of you/your training.

Mobile Options – you can see the presentation screen and listen to the audio, but you can’t see the presenters currently on iPhones and iPads. I have used this feature on my iPhone many times, and it is convenient that I can also take quick screenshots during the call. Check out the
Mobile Comparison Chart.

Interactive features

Polls – can be set up ahead of time or on the fly – I think doing them ahead of time would be much easier 😉 but how interactive to send out a quick one question poll that has to do with what is going on during a live conversation

Hand Raising – I like that as an organizer, you know who has raised their hand. I wonder whether this would become difficult when there is a large audience – is there a way to track who’s hand went up first? In that case, you could give prizes for the first respondent, etc.

Monitoring Attentiveness – I like being able to see how attentive your audience is on the dashboard. I’d let the audience know I’ll be monitoring my attendees participation, to keep them from clicking away.

Reporting – Registration I’d run beforehand, Attendee report I’d run afterwards. I like that I can see all the details from during the event like polls or questions.

Guest Presenters / Panelists – GoToWebinar allows you to invite other people as panelists, and they’re able to join the webinar, they can be a presenter or answer questions – I really like this feature. You can promote attendees to a panelist, too, which is cool – as long as they know how to use GoToWebinar and don’t accidentally end the meeting when they’re done presenting.

Practice makes perfect – Practice Sessions, test webinars, audio and visual testing in advance is something Tim and I spent time on yesterday before our session, and which I definitely advocate. You never know when something might not work quite right, and it’s worth the time ahead of time to prepare.

Chat – GoToWebinar has a larger audience than GoToMeeting. The Question goes directly to the Organizer. If you have a second person monitoring the event with you, they can un-dock the question panel so they can review more than one at a time and answer them while you are presenting. GoToTraining you can all chat with each other.

Charging for Training – only an option with GoToTraining. So if we want to make some money on it, we could use this option. You can use the same Tests and Materials over and over again, as they’re stored on the account.

Course Catalogs allow you to publish a list of the upcoming trainings. This allows attendees to

Payment feature – integrates with PayPal, allows attendees to Register, Pay and receive their Registration link information all from GoToTraining.

Recordings – Upload and share recordings out with a link. You have the recording, it’s saved on your computer and you’ll always have it, but you can share it.The recordings do not record the presenter. I use Camtasia (like Erica) which records the webcam as well as the presentation on the screen. When you are the presenter, the layout looks different for you than it does for the attendees. When you record and you look at your preferences, recommend in the Convert to Windows Media Player format – takes longer but then you can show it to anyone because it’s in WMV versus just the GoToMeeting format.

GoToTraining Control Panel can expand to show your dashboard – attendees attentiveness – you can manage materials, like sharing a website – tests and polls are shown. The chat area is different than GoToWebinar because in GoToTraining your attendees can chat with each other directly or within the group. You can turn that off if you don’t want that feature.

My final suggestions are:

Use GoToMeeting most of the time, as generally we are just holding meeting. However, we can add a lot to those meetings by taking adavantage of the features.  No registration features, just email out the info to the group and they click to join – no reporting.

GoToWebinar – if we are going to target over 100 attendees. Registration features, two step process of registration and unique confirmation email, collects data for reporting features.

GoToTraining – if we are going to charge $$ for the training, depends on the amount we are charging for the training and the costs – ROI. Registration features, two step process of registration and unique confirmation email, collects data for reporting features.


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Comparison Site – expanding the fields shows you how to compare the products and show what’s available

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