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Enterprise Social YamTour Dallas Tx

Naomi Moneypenny Show me the Money – Business Value

There are derivations of business value
Business reality – there’s a return in asset decrease happening. Assets decline in value while we struggle to produce more out if less.

Return on Intellectual Capital – rather than ROI, use the knowledge within our people an our company.

Digitization of the info can be more valuable than the info being digitized. You make money when you have info others don’t

Bus value drivers: think about financial impact or its all for nothing
Innovation and Growth
Info & Decision Quality
Productivity – OpEx reduction, increase per person output

Ent soc networking – 4 sources if value
Decentralization – people w no email addresses? How would they benefit? Retail and blue collar workers haven’t needed to have info pushed from cirp comm before, now their voices are recognized
Alignment – so the right hand if the co knows what the left hand is doing, transmit corporate values
Transparency –
Engagement – getting ideas from employees, its a trusted environment, get wind from not being so separated from mgmt. Tap into the people you have. You’ll never get the ROA again, so get it from intellectual capital

1 in 7 ppl are on FB, same on Office – creating huge amounts of data. Lots of opportunity worth $$ within your organization

Knit the diff info from inside your co and outside in the marketplace – one way is Enterprise Social

mine Twitter to find out what people want to buy?

Amazon – reviews – mine the reviews and get value from the consumer perspective

Understanding the opportunity within your company, professional services within the company
– McKinsey global institute analysis, 86pgs

Yammer demo
Use polls for engagement
Hash tags –> topics
Expertise location – think about how to take conversations and show them as a feed in SharePoint, or any other webapp

How to use Yammer for meetings instead of Twitter?
Working out loud, so others can benefit
Encourage people to use as a Twitter-like service for microblogging
Ex. Event with 2000 people. Can use internally to plan event. Use w local MS PEOPLE and marketing team to plan
Create external network and let people request to be added. Just takes communication around which groups.
Organize how people can attend, publicize key words / topics
Set up communication structure in advance to promote the groups within the network
Have to have community mgmt
Here today used app Screaming out Loud – to display messages

Speaker Panel at Working Essentials Yammer Dallas Tour

Eastman Chemical

Collaborate on Day 1 when companies merge
Connect the dots – platform for global employees to be hears
Enterprise Social is a journey, not a technical deployment
Advice: need someone to manage the networks, community mgr
From the video – I liked “We were born to imagine and to innovate”
Get ADFS in place and SSO, we are doing a 2yr rolling delete – for legal compliance, if have a legal hold, we’ll export it out of Yammer
You want Corporate Communications driving it, not IT

Matthew Glover

Yammer shrinks the world a little bit for us
CIO Conference 2yrs ago whet my appetite for Yammer
The exciting technology of social is it grows organically
View of social: drains productivity. How to change so it increases productivity, I mean IT people are expensive. Reaches out to MS and they helped.
Clarity if vision is SO important, how you’ll use the technology in your workspace (its not for selfies and recipe sharing) provide value to business leaders and employees
Follow technical cost of ownership reduction
Focus on OOTB
Your pilot may become your rollout
Need valid use cases for Yammer
Power in connectedness, quick rollout, There’s a risk in immaturity of the system
Challenge: people finally adopted email, argue don’t need a new tool – compared ovens to microwaves. Almost every kitchen has both, one cooks one reheats, augment each other.
Want private dialogue just with you two
Want public dialog to discuss issue
Microwave wasn’t death of the oven
Yammer isn’t the death of email
Yammer is a time saving device – dialogue over policy conversations, reduces meetings
Use Cases:
Sales support, technical questions from out in the field, get real time feedback while in front of the client and look like a hero
Craigslist like function
External focus is with Supply chain, share feature seta that need to be replaced, what do you have, they respond they can replace at this rare etc.
You don’t want to lose the wisdom of the older folks and are going to have to keep Outlook & it integrates
Takeaway – let the contents life determine the technology tool you put it in. IM? Lync. Private convo – email. Two way dialogue or crowd source ideas? Yammer

Dr. Ferdinand Velasco

Connecting a diverse workforce
Yammer helps us think differently, helps us be more resilient and to be more adaptive to the changes in healthcare
Culture change – from CEO down the chain
Great platform for engagement & recognizing people publicly, like 5 yrs employed
Employee satisfaction survey
Built trust in the organization – using Yammer showed we really do listen to them
Encourage allowing our workforce to pray for and support each other
Mentoring program so others can learn too
Feedback and notes from conferences
Book studies, live interactive, share what learned from the book as they read it
Every week at the beginning – we share top priorities, so can all collectively be on the same page
External network – our physicians don’t have an email address w us so this is how we engage them

Sean Murphy

Loves sailing because its always changing. Very interesting. I love sailing & technology, too – interesting how Sean Murphy tied that together.
Vision –
Makes it feel like we change the laws of physics for those who work at Delphi
Video – Connected Worker program
Enable people to help make decisions regardless of where they sit
Get answers you normally couldn’t Wo a meeting.
Reduced time, travel costs
Keeps us connected
50k users around the world
[ ] ask for Deloitte report
Finding experts – big help for us
Shrink the org – bosses uses to be able to walk the floor – casually interact. Group not interested in that (middle age 32 up, like to hold on to knowledge)
When work in Yammer, don’t need the formal Knowledge Management program, all the reasons for decisions are right there
Project write ups not needed, can go find info
Engage – new employees
Conference – connectedness formed by attendees, were able to keep info current – presentations, bios,unintended benefit – got feedback in real time (cold room) and they could react


Free tool Business Model Canvas
Strategic pathway – why & how what you do w tech will help your biz model
Treat C-level execs differently – more weight will be given to what they say

YCN yammer customer network


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