Enterprise Devices that Change the Game

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Christine Chen is going to open the conference

Device Strategy – you have to have choice. It’s amazing how far the OEMs have come with devices, especially the price point for the holiday season

Microsoft’s US CIO Summit Notes

Enterprise Devices that Change the Game


People enjoy their PCs so much, they want to see it on their phones. Personal decision for companion deviuces to support what you’re doing on yoru PC. You can see where it’s going. Reasonable t assume that Microsoft and partners will have devices in this space (phablets) over the course of the next year or two.

Technology Innovation – both in growth and size. Phones going bigger. PCs going smaller. Traditional clam shell you convert into a tablet. COnvertibles / detatchables/ two in ones, all in the same category that allow you to take from the keyboard, or flip from it. Innovative work happening around hinges and engineering to make that happen. Intel’s latest core processors are enabling latest design. REV with BATREL and clover trail are allowing devices to run cooler, meaning you get a thinner device bc no fan is needed.

As introducing touch to the marketplace, seeing interesting shifts. 50% of last year was 50% of all PCs sold. We expect more this year.

Apple doesn’t have a touch monitor. Touch has created a disruption in the marketplace. People are gravitating towards touch. Enables a new class of solutions. WE recognize there is a whole set of new solutions because of Touch. Our overall device strategy going forward:

especially with 8.1 – from an ease of integration standpoint, the ability to boot to desktop, to have the familiar Windows 7 feel, makes integration easier. Many devices have a TPM chip so encrypting PI. If you’re running security, MS licensing allows 5 devices per user, but you’d have to pay per device per user with 3rd parties. WE are only seeing the tip of the iceburg

Demo of cool new devices

Lumia 1020 – 41 megapixel phone with full Windows 8 experience

Dell vue ____ – x86 device – can run any of your LOB applications. Kindle reader and nook can be loaded, iTunes, etc. utilize any of your historical information. Cross-platform honoring in all of the work that we are doing. Customers are asking if they can load PRO on it. Comes with optional stylus if you want to

HP ElitePad 900 – saw in emirates video. Comes with optional sleeve. 2 USB, HDMI as well as HD slot. Jacket doubles the battery for a full 13 hours. Optional jackets allow bar code readers, scanners. Consider for Delivery services and Retail

ThinkPad tablet – full X86 device, Core I5 in this version, integrated stylus.


Asus T100 – full X86 device – begins the 2-in-1 category. Remove the screen for a fully functioning tablet. comes with 60 gig of storage, available for $349 including office home and student. Great device super for a student or someone at hoem working on a budget. Seeing a lot of enthusiasm from the retail channel for those reasons

Lenovo Helix – 2-in-1 – meant as a desktop replacement. Great for numbercrunching and BI, has 4 modes of work. Full i7. Monitor comes off of clamshell. Built in stylus. monitor turns around also, for presentations, and will fold down to use like tablet.

MOVING TO ULTRABOOKS – for road warriors

Highest resolution monitor that you can buy on the marketing is Samsug Activa3200x1800 display

Samsung Activa 9 – 15% lighter than a MacBook Air with Highest resolution monitor that you can buy on the market – 3200×1800

Sony – Thinnest ultrabook on the market Sony, fully securable, running a TPM chip, full Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro


PC, under 5 pounds, people are using for gaming and even family game night, instead of board games

designers, design architects – we’re seeing landscape designers taking these out insetead of rolls and rolls of paper, to show their full portfolio to clients. Display format is gaining a lot of momentum in the market.

Ability to upload pictures sercurely, in real time, without too much thinking, using SkyDrive (built on Azure). Security you only get on the Windows platform. OneNote allows you to take notes and record the session while you’re taking notes (replace the Livescribe pen? Not with paper, but) as you go back to any device when you log in, you can access those notes – on your phone (Lumia 1020), can access same notes as you just took on the Helix.

Seamlessly accessing your data on phone, tablet, PC – all securely from the Microsoft platform.

Propestive pixel device – PPI device – imaging in your boardroom. Full windows up to 10 devices at a time.


CYRIL BELIKOFF – sharing things about Surface

10 resellers up and running since July – biggest feedback from customers was they wanted to buy Surface from resellers they bought other from. Want asset tagging, custom imaging, service and support.

Original was Surface, Surface RT – Surface was a great laptop replacement. Good feedback about the screen and the quality of the device, full Windows, and the attractive light form.

Next generation was Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 – We dropped the RT from the naming.

Surface Pro 2 – doesn’t look that different at first glance. Made Laser Focused Changes based on customer feedback that they wanted it to be a laptop replacement. SO, we…

improved the battery life, 75% additional battery life!included Haswell Intel chip, and circuitry changes, designed in low-powered SSD modules to improve performance and battery life

A queart cycle – worked with battery cell providers to , now we’re 1400 c so extends battery life from 18 months to 3-4 years.

It needs to be great on the lap, if you want to use it as a laptop. New kickstand gives the right angle for the laptopping experience

Keyboard – people loved it, but wanted a color version. Took the feedback, and adjusted. Also – made it thinner, reducing space in the keys. Gentler typing experience, too, so you can type faster. Also, it’s backlit! So when you’re in the dark, you can still type – great innovation by the engineering team. Essentially an awesome piece of cardboard

Docking station – native ports


Video: Coming 10/22: The new surface 2 uses the original magnesium – raw so brings color out. Really rugged and 3 times as light as aluminium of the other tablets. Thinner, lighter, 4-6x as fast as a iew 1. 1080p screen, full HD. Delta Pilots will use in their cockpits. Desktop replacement. Works with all keyboards, and version 2. You can use this for key LOB scenarios – manf, retail sales prof, airline pilot, anyone in the cabin/cockpit, other LOB scenario

LOB Scenario – customers need something with all day battery life. Ours in 10 hours with additional 2 (v1?) Single purpose App scenarios. Someone on the floor will be working all day mostly inside that app. The last 5% of the day, they’ll put on docking station / add keyboard, finish the work for the day. Office already installed.

working wth 3rd parties to build modern apps to run on thisd device.

Office comes preinstalled on it. YOu can’t install other desktop apps – to ensure it stays clean nad fast.

whether you want to build your own key purpose app or get one from one of our RSVs, that’s how those LOB scenarios would use them.

IT comes with Windows 8.1. Very important not just because of interface changes (start button, customization)

4 improvements

Improved VPN – support Microsoft and 3rd party device mgmt.

Mobilie Device Mgmt – these tablets can also be managed MDM by In Tune or others like Airwatch

WorkPlace Join – use your corporate ID and password to access Corporate Share and documents. Not a fully connected domain joined device – don’t log onto it like Surface Pro or others on here.

comes with Outlook, so helpful for Execs that don’t need anything else except one app and quick access.


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