Deploying Productivity (SPS) within Microsoft

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Angus Norton – more than “the Office Guy” now I’m the “One Microsoft guy”

Leadership made bold move to share our intention of building world class 1st party services and devices.

1st step in that is our Sales Productivity Solution

devices side

services side

Productivity Solution is a knowledge tool to track, measure and run businesses at a local and national level.

from Dynamics, In Tune, O365, Surface Devices. Best of MS back end and front end solutions that we’re all in the business of selling, and we’re all using today.

Microsoft ‘eats our own dogfood’. I’ve been using 8.1 since before it was released. Family gets to experience the good and bad of it 😉

As CIOs, you also have sales forces, marketing teams, operations teams, and you’re at the center of the devices and services

Chris Barry, Gen Mgr of West Enterprise Buisnesses

has sales teams. #1 user of the SOlution, will share how he’s been using it. Heaed up Enterprise Sales Group for Northwestern US. Sales Productivity Solution is a tool I use every day in my job, to bring together products and services arcross our products, gets to me to the results I need quickly.

Sr. Execs had vision of fusing together 14 reports and tools we use, that I’ve had to go to: SalesForce, Dynamics, Internal tools and processes we use, and brigh them together into a Touch system on 8.1. Fuse together what I need to manage a sales force, and gives me insight into other sales functions, like Marketing.

Sales and Mktg are still separate silos even though they tend to be intertwined. We bring those worlds together in an easy to navigate tool.

Six areas in one environment

1. Resources – tools looking at targets, used to have to go to 14 diff places or email a finance analyst and ask for the data

a. BIF – perhaps fund a proof of concept for a tool we’re evaluating  – Business Investment Fund tool/web app. Tool uses AD technology to recognize who’s logged in

2. Pipeline – development of sales pipeline, size, velocity, what things are at what stages, Live Tiles surface information to me. Can see forecast type (taxonomy used w/in sales). Forecast Waterfal – enumeragting TGAP and how we’ll get there. Trends to match patterns and see what we need to understand what we’ll do better

Dynamics feeds a graph with PowerView. Shows top 10 deals we’re tracking Revenue red, Green shows upside, and Dark Green shows forecast. Drills down to districts, products, any kind of drilldown views. Dynamically make changes. Deals change, customers change and you can see the risk change. Slide to the right to get more information on customers. Using the touch environment of the Surface Pro. Use Power View to Excel. Power View – shows data as Excel, using pen now.

3. Attainment – how we’re doing versus the pipeline, what do the pipelines look like at any time

a. MIC – incentive compensation system

b. Recognition – how we recognize folks in our team

Youre’ seeing tools that are pretty regular, that all of us use a lot.

Angus – I spend a lot of time understanding how Marketing can help Chris make Sales. Have to get the information and share the information. I want to have the nice Live Tile view of my Attainment. As a Marketer, I want to drill more deply into the data and the numbers. Chris might need Upcoming Events – his Sales Reps can invete their customers to the next even in the region from this view. I like to understaned twhat are the top deals right now, and what are the top opportunities.

4. Marketing Activity

5. Subsidiary Metrics

6. Communications – federated Lync and Skype together, as well as Yammer


PricePoint – $90/user/month – but would be less when you take out the licensing you already have

handful of developers put together initial version in 8 weeks, just put together version from whiteboard to product offering in 12 weeks. Disembodies,  and gives everyone a chance to leverage these in another way.

reach out to your Microsoft Account Team – they should all be using it.

Angus and Chris did a great job of showing how Microsoft how MS uses the SPS inside MS.


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