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I have been using “Thank You” as a Complimentary Closing on my emails for some time now, probably about two years. The reason is that I wanted the recipient of my emails to feel appreciated. Whether I was doing work for them, or they were doing work for me, I thought it would be like a subconscious encouragement to them. It is nice to be thanked for what you do.

Recently, I decided to change my complimentary closing. A quick discussion with my husband and a friend of ours suggested “Regards”, and I (being girly and too sweet sometimes) wanted to upgrade it to “Best Regards”. I have been using Best Regards for a few days now, and already want to change it. Why? I just don’t really like the looks of it that much. Yep – that’s the only reason. So, I did some quick online research to find a more suitable phrase or word. I was disappointed in the lack of options that specifically addressed business correspondence. I prefer to find recent articles, but more important than recent is quality content. I liked this blog article the best, so I’m writing a blog entry of my own to support it. Why aren’t my hyperlinks working today? Here are the full URLs then: by Lynn Gaertner-Johnston offers a professional list of options and commentary about them. I appreciated the joke at the end, as well. Another link I found useful was this blog on Business Letter Closing

For those of you that are curious, haven’t fully decided on the new one. I’d prefer to use “Sincerely” even though Lynn mentions that one may be going out of style. Maybe I’ll bring it back. I’ve been working on bringing “stellar” back into being a commonly used adjective. Whether or not other people use it, I sure think it’s fun 😉 Then again, Sincerely almost intimates that ‘I was sincere in what I wrote’ – as though I wouldn’t be sincere sometimes. Hmm, that’s not the case. I must keep considering. Ugh.

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