BlackBerry 10 v iOS7 and my Phone Feature Wish List

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Should Does BlackBerry 10 need to worry because of iOS 7?

My BB won’t get updated for another year (work) but I can update my iPhone anytime (2 year contract renewal upgrade avail) so I’ve been waiting to compare and after all my research I’m still thinking BB 10’s got my attention due to their profiles. BB Balance is awesome! How nice would it be to just carry one phone and be able to toggle between business & personal profiles? As a two phone user, this is ideal for me.

I’ve been looking to see whether this will be successfully copied (my hope, sorry guys but all the phone companies copy each other) but I haven’t seen it, yet. Couple that with the new server that supports multiple devices, and you have a winner. I already have a message in asking whether we are upgrading our CALs before the end of the year to take advantage of the *free upgrade & download.

Next steps – my Wish List for ongoing development:

I’d like to see multiple profiles per phone. That’s perfect for me as a serial entrepreneur. Multiple businesses, each with email and social accounts, and separate ringtones / message tones. I’d like there to be options for contacts to be associated with multiple profiles – for example, my husband’s personal ringtone and text tone would override profile specifics and he would be filed in both profiles – but I only want to update his contact information once. It would be nice to have this functionality either all with one phone number (different profiles = different tones per contact) or with multiple phone numbers. As a user of multiple phone numbers (still love MagicJack) I would like some of them all to ring to one phone – but ONLY if the OS graphically identifies which company to answer as and tracks calls, VM, etc in specific profiles.

Add app integration that can be cross-profiles OR single per profile, based on user preference, and I’d be ecstatic. Examples that come to my mind are:
• SalesForce with option to separate contacts by tagging them into the specific profiles or setting profiles to synch w SalesForce and read a particular field or fields to gayer information about where to display each contact (which profile/s) and track converaations, texts, emails, etc that are sent via the phone.
• WordPress – may have one login that accesses several blogs. I’d like option to save login to a specific blog per profile OR the universal login that gives access to all blogs.

Location based profiles – switch automatically when near “home” or “work”. More advanced? Switch automatically to “work” when it recognizes other work contacts’ phones.

Time based profiles – switch on a set schedule. These would be options to turn on and off of course.

Delegation – temporarily turning on profiles of others’ when they are Out of the Office. Limited features would display – not suggesting anyone’s personal data be opened up to another – but incoming calls to their number would display as in a separate profile, so the user could answer on behalf of the other person. All call information, texts, etc would save to the profile so that when the delegator returns to the office, they are able to see that data in their history. This option could work well for Admins – limited profiles of their executives. They may respond on behalf of multiple people at one time.

I think BB will get there first. I’m looking forward to getting the Z10. Oh, and I’m not much of a fan outside of my excitement for these profiles. I’m typing from my iPhone now as they keyboard is much easier to use than my current BB. I got the full screen so it would be similar to the iPhone but I should have stuck with the keyboard 😉

If my business grew enough to warrant it, I would get the new BB Enterprise Service 10.1 🙂 However, I’m working a job and so that gets my time and attention – developing that business. My notes are already submitted, along with my request regarding the upgrades. Fingers crossed.

Go BlackBerry!


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