FC Changes the way your company does business. We specialize in B2B business development and B2B/B2C marketing and public relations. Our goal is to overachieve yours. We believe you should get only the best which is why we invest not only in your company, but in your culture and overall goals. Fairlight Consulting is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and caters to Small and Developing Business Owners across the US and in overseas. We specialize in bringing products to market, developing sales channels and partnerships that result in growth, profits and acquisitions.

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• 24/7 Support Chat Options
• Creative Marketing Services
• Business Development Strategy
• Information Technology Consulting
• Creativity Consulting
• Situational Management Coaching
• Sales Coaching

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 Created to fill a niche market where companies need a IT Department, but do not have the overhead to create their own department. Our purpose is to maintain your current system and helping to take your business technology to the next level when you are ready.


High-Energy, Experienced and using Positive Motivation, call us to request an assessment of your small business


    Need a Business Partner, but don’t want one?
    We Assist Our Clients With Growth and Marketing Challenges

    Reaching Potential Clients…

    Does your company spend money to advertise, but not see enough return? Do you have a website that doesn’t generate new business for you? Does your corporate image portray your business accurately? Are you reaching and connecting with your client demographic? Call us to learn how we can help you build your business – not just do it for you, but teach you how to do it. You retain full ownership rights, and will build the skills to continue after our consultancy period has ended.